Fast Sail Sailmaking Company services concentrates on sails production using highest quality cloths and laminates, among others Dimension Polyant and Contender. Each sail is designed in dedicated computer programme, Prosail and its elements are cut by plotter, which guarantees acheiving precise technical parameters and ensures repetitiveness of the final product.

We make sails in series:

We also produce yacht accessories such as lazyjacks, halliard pockets, tents and multifunctional covers (sails slipcovers, equipment cases or deck covers). Made from acrilic fabrics (Sunbrella, Masacril, Weathermax) resistant to any weather conditions and each time strictly according to customer’s individual needs.

Moreover, Fast Sail is one of few producers of outdoor fabric roofing in Poland. We use high quality water- and sunproof materials. Each project is adjusted to terrace or sundeck dimensions at investment destination and can be static or movable (furled or slided) according to client’s needs. We encourage to view through our gallery for some examples.